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Geminiani: Violin Sonatas Op. 1

The start of an exciting new series: the recording of the complete works by Francesco Geminiani!

Renowned violinist Igor Ruhadze, celebrated for his Brilliant Classics recordings of Locatelli and Leclair, collaborates with the talented Russian-born harpsichordist Alexandra Nepomnyashchaya in a captivating exploration of Francesco Geminiani's Op.1 Sonatas. Geminiani, a pivotal figure in Baroque-era violin culture, is brought to life through their exceptional musical synergy. Alexandra's nuanced harpsichord accompaniment adds depth to Ruhadze's masterful interpretation, creating a delightful journey through the sophisticated contrasts and expressive demands of Geminiani's works. As the start of an exciting series, this recording showcases Alexandra's intense sympathy for Geminiani's idiom, marking her as a rising star in the realm of Baroque music interpretation.

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