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Boccherini Complete Violin Sonatas, Vol. 1

The start of a major new series on Brilliant Classics: historically informed accounts of the violin sonatas by a Classical-era master of Rococo charm and invention.

In the newest installment of Brilliant Classics' major series on Boccherini's violin sonatas, period-instrument violinist Igor Ruhadze collaborates with the accomplished Russian-born fortepianist Alexandra Nepomnyashchaya. The collection includes Boccherini's Op.5 violin sonatas, showcasing the composer's Rococo charm and inventive melodies. Boccherini's mid-20s Op.5 sonatas, dedicated to keyboard soloist Mme. Brillon de Jouy, highlight the equality of the keyboard and violin, reminiscent of Mozart and Beethoven. Later sonatas are arrangements of Boccherini's works, displaying Alexandra's nuanced accompaniment. This release follows the duo's acclaimed recordings of Geminiani and Locatelli, emphasizing Alexandra's fortepiano expertise and their collective dedication to historically informed performances. Fanfare hails their past collaborations, citing Ruhadze's accomplished violin playing and Alexandra's exceptional Baroque style. The recording is a vital addition to Boccherini enthusiasts, contributing to Brilliant Classics' extensive collection of the composer's works.

Nepomnyashchaya provides a lesson in how one may realize such sonata bass lines. Her accompaniment is varied in texture and detail, balancing right-hand countermelodies with arpeggiated chordal washes of sound and heavy block chords at cadences. Like Ruhadze, she is a consummate specialist in Baroque style and practice.’ -Fanfare

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